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draw, carve & create:
add more meaning to your making!

This self-led course is for you if:

  • You're curious about block print & printmaking
  • You feel inspired to create but don't know where to start
  • You're comfortable working at your own pace

Sign up for this course so you can:

  • Infuse more meaning into your craft projects using your own imagery.
  • create unique paper items such as greeting cards & art prints.
  • hand print your own designs on fabric for any type of sewing project

In this course you'll learn the basics of block print:

  • what tools to use
  • different styles of carving
  • how to print a variety of repeating patterns onto paper & fabric.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • collect inspiration from your own experience
  • draw and carve your own imagery onto rubber blocks
  • express yourself in ways that are personally meaningful to YOU

About Catherine Ruddell

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Hi there! I'm Cat - I'm a textile artist, block print surface designer, and the founder of Creatively Sustained.

I'm inspired by the everyday wonders in the world around me - especially nature walks, northern landscapes, and sustainable living. Teaching creative workshops in person over the years has been an enjoyable way for me to share my knowledge & skills with other aspiring artists.

I believe we find personal meaning and fulfillment when we honor our creative spirit with DIY action - that's why I created this online course!

Now there's nothing holding you back from experiencing the exciting and versatile medium of block printing - from the comfort of your own home - and the convenience of your own schedule!

Course Breakdown - What You'll Learn:

Lesson #1: Background & Brief History of Block Printing

Lesson #2: Basic Elements & Principles of Design

Lesson #3: Supplies & Setting Up Your Workspace

Lesson #4: DRAW from Your Own Inspiration

Lesson #5: CARVE Rubber Blocks

Lesson #6: Ink & Test Printing &

Lesson #7: Pattern Layout

Lesson #8: CREATE on Paper

Lesson #9: CREATE on Fabric

Lesson #10: Developing Your Personal Style & Practice

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Ready to get started?

Beginner Block Print Course $35

  • 10 Lessons with Process Videos
  • Supply Guide for Printing on Paper & Fabric
  • How-To: 4 Popular Printing Projects
  • BONUS: Feed Your Creativity - PDF Course
  • BONUS: Illustrated Mock Ups for Repeat Patterns
  • 24/7 Access that will never expire!

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